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All Levels Solo/Vernacular Jazz Dancing Class

***Update: Please note new dates below***


Mondays 9/18 - 11/6 (no class on 10/9)

7:30 - 8:30 pm

In-person at the JR Martin Community Center Auditorium, 189 Alfred Rd. Biddeford

Also available remotely on Zoom

Full-class recordings are available online if you need to miss a class for any reason


Solo jazz dancing, also known as vernacular jazz dancing, is rooted in Black American traditional movements. This class will explore vintage and modern routines that use the authentic jazz steps common in Lindy Hop and swing dancing. You’ll be grooving to big band swing and traditional jazz music and having so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually exercising!


Having some background in Lindy Hop or learning choreography will help you get the most out of this class, but all are welcome. Masks are optional but encouraged. Students should bring a water bottle and a change of shoes that are comfortable and not too sticky on the floor.

Sept./Oct. '23 Biddeford Solo Jazz Class, 7 weeks (SJ923)

  • Please register one person at a time and add to cart. Be sure to note each person's name and email address.

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