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About Lindy Maine

Lindy Maine is available for swing dance instruction for groups or individuals of all ages. Founded in 2015, Lindy Maine is based in Biddeford, Maine. 

Lindy Maine provides a calendar of Lindy Hop and swing dance events in the Southern Maine/Greater Portland area. Every effort is made to keep the information listed here accurate and complete, but it is not guaranteed. Check with individual event organizers for absolute certainty.


Thanks for visiting, and have fun!


Jen Kain started dancing at the wee age of 4 and is still goofing around on the dance floor. She has studied tap, ballet, jazz & vernacular dance and discovered Lindy Hop in 2008. Four months after taking her first class in New York City she was in Sweden learning from the best teachers in the world, and she's been honing her skills ever since. She looks forward to showing you how much fun you can have with Lindy Hop!


Jen teaches regular weekly Lindy Hop/swing dancing classes on Wednesday nights at The Dance Hall in Kittery, Maine and private lessons and Zoom tap classes from Biddeford. She also partners with Portland Swing Project to teach beginner, intermediate, an advanced group swing classes in Portland. 

Ray Lemay started dancing at the turn of the century (2000) and attacked learning like a rabid spider monkey on too much coffee. He has traveled up and down the East Coast to feed his hunger for Lindy and has filled many notebooks with moves that he can't wait to teach you. When not swinging out, he enjoys boating and playing hockey.

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