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"Leveling up" process for advancing from A to B class or B to C class

We use an instructor-determined leveling policy to ensure that each class has students of equal abilities. We think this method will not only make sure that each student is properly placed but also allow students to have a clear view of the expectations of every class level.

Before advancing to the next class level, each student will dance with an instructor and demonstrate that they can either lead or follow each skill in the curriculum they wish to graduate from.

To graduate from the Lindy Maine A class, you are expected to have learned and be able to demonstrate:

Six-count basic footwork with triple steps
Rotating basics
Send out
Send in
Tuck turn
Pass by / side pass
Underarm turn to closed position
Cuddle / Sweetheart
Open tuck turn
Open / handshake side pass or passby
Frankie Sixes
Single rhythm basic footwork with no triple steps

Eight-count basic Lindy Hop footwork in closed

Flip flop
Lead in front, back to closed
Follow in front, back to closed
Prominade with either lead or follow in front
Swingout from closed
Swingout from open
Lindy circle
Rhythm breaks (mess around, lowdowns, points)

Basic eight-count Charleston in closed
Kick up
Kick through
Hand to hand Charleston
Kick around
Entrance to tandem
Basic tandem
Butterfly tandem exit

A-Level solo jazz steps (you don’t need to demonstrate these to level up, but you will need them in the B class): heel steps, tacky Annie, jazz square/box, shouts/hallelujah rocks, single kick steps, double kick steps, leader Charleston footwork, lock turn, boogie back, boogie forward, mess around, lowdowns.
To graduate from the Lindy Maine B class, you are expected to have learned and be able to demonstrate: 

How to mix six-count moves with eight-count moves
Clean footwork
Good connection skills
Sugar push
Swingout with inside turn on the second half of the swingout
Swingout with outside turn on the second half of the swingout
Texas Tommy
Swingouts with footwork variations (varies by session)
Swivels for follows
Frankie swingout styling for leads (Bow to the Queen)
Inside turn on the first four counts of the swingout
Floorcraft skills (directed swingouts)
Kick up/skip up with peel away turn
Hand to hand Charleston with intentional miss of the hand and a kick around turn
Tandem variations (varies by session)
Chase (ten-count) entrance to tandem
Charleston closed/side by side variations (varies by session)
Minne dip

B-Level solo jazz steps (you don’t need to demonstrate these to level up, but you will need them in the C class): Suzie Qs, swivels, pecks, fishtails, skates, Shim Sham (whole routine), foot drags (Shim Sham step), full break, pushes and crossovers, tacky Annie, half break, boogie back, boogie forward, Shorty George, squat Charleston, jump Charleston, scarecrow Charleston, applejacks, slip slop, fall off the log, scissor kicks, spank the baby.

These lists seem long, but they are not meant to be intimidating! If you have learned all these skills, you should be proud of what you have accomplished. If you feel unsure of following or leading any of these moves (or you’re not sure what they are), please consider referring to the recap videos that can be found on the Lindy Maine YouTube channel or asking an instructor for help. You may also repeat the classes as long as you need to.

It is our hope that keeping our class levels clear and accurate will be a benefit for students.

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